As the New York City is known to be home to party freaks and the city that never sleeps. Well, the nightlife of the New York City is full of glamor, charm, and thrill. The streets of NYC are always lighted up and the doors of the hottest clubs, bars and lounges are opened to the public so that all the club goers can enjoy every night of their lives till they’re young. Among all the partying spots, The Katra Lounge and The Taj lounge are the best places to step in if you want to enjoy a lounge in experience.

Well, the Katra Lounge New York is a place that fills you with a sense of relaxation and relief. The furnished décor and the lavish sittings allow you to stress the night out and begin a new day at work full of passion and energy. Inspired by the Moroccan culture, Katra Lounge New York is a Moroccan themed lounge with vast dance floors, multiple private rooms and the best services and ambiance. This duplex lounge offers you pillow filled banquet, flavorful smoke able hookah and occasional belly dancing. The signature menu of the lounge offers one of a kind cocktails like Moroccan Mojito and Tangier Safi to satisfy your thirst. So, welcome your friends at the Katra Lounge New York because this is a place that they will never forget.

In addition to this, Taj Lounge New York is the perfect destination in the city with everything that best fits your desires of the night. With Indian inspired décor, Taj Lounge New York is a bi-level cocktail lounge and a famous special event space. The food menu of the place add a creative edge to your exquisite Indian cuisine and let you enjoy the best dining experience like no other at the Taj Lounge New York. The drinks menu lets you enjoy a wide variety of eclectic and exclusive wines alongside a wide range of beers, ciders, and spirits from all around the world. The ample dance space and the beats of the music keep you moving and dancing all night long. As you sip the cocktail and put your drinks, step on the dance floor and groove to the beats, your heart feels lighter, and you feel like a bird through the night. So, enjoy the best time of your life at the best places in NYC.

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