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Lenny KravitzIf you are interested in learning more about the singer Lenny Kravitz, then you can continue to read this biography about him.

Kravitz’s Early Life

Lenny Kravitz recently turned 50 years old, as his birthday was on May 26. He was born in the year of 1964 in the New York City. Not many people know this, but Lenny’s full real name is Leonard Albert Kravitz. At one point in time he was also known as Romeo Blue.

Kravitz’s father is Sy Kravitz, who is a news producer at NBC. His dad came from a Russian Jewish family, and he actually has family origins in the Ukraine. As for his mother, she was of African-American, as well as Afro-Bahamian descent, and her name is Roxie Roker. She is an actress, and she starred on the show The Jeffersons, which was a major hit in the 1970s. Roker was also from a Christian family. Even though Kravitz did not grow up in an environment that was religious, he started to going to church when he was 13, and this was because he had a spiritual experience.

Private First Class Leonard M. Kravitz was Lenny’s uncle, and that is who he was named after. However, at just the age of 20, Lenny’s uncle ended up passing away when he was killed in the Korean War. Not many people are aware of this, but Lenny’s uncle saved most of his platoon in the attack that cost him his life. Even though Lenny’s uncle was denied the Medal of Honor, the Distinguished Service Cross was awarded to him. However, in March of 2014, he ended up receiving the Medal of Honor, as well as 23 other servicemen who were denied it due to their ethnicity.

Music Career

Lenny Kravitz has enjoyed a very successful music career, and he has worked hard to get to where he is today. The genres that Kravitz caters to is rock, neo soul, neo-psychedelia, hard rock, as well as funk rock. His music has a very distinguished sound. As for how long Kravitz has been active for, he has been active since 1988.

Kravitz tried to get signed with record companies, but was denied numerous times. However, he eventually signed a deal with Virgin Records in 1989. Nancy Jeffries, who was a Virgin A & R executive, signed him to the label. He also started to go by Lenny Kravitz instead of Romeo Blue, and he said that when this happened, he felt as if he was allowed to be himself.

On September 6, 1989, Kravitz’s debut album was released, which was titled Let Love Rule. The album did alright in the USA, but outside the United States it was a major hit.

Records Released

Throughout Kravitz’s career he has released quite a few successful albums. In matter of fact, he has released 10 albums throughout his career. The albums that he has made are as followed:

1989- Let Love Rule
1991- Mama Said
1993- Are You Gonna Go My Way
1995- Circus
1998- 5
2001- Lenny
2004- Baptism
2008- It Is Time For A Love Revolution
2014- Strut


From 1990-2011, Kravitz has done 13 tours, which have brought him all around the world. The first tour he did was back in 1990, and the last tour he did was in 20011, which was called the Black and White Europe Tour.

Kravitz’s Filmography

Kravitz has appeared in numerous films, with the most recent one being the 2013 smash it The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. He has also made cameo roles in movies such as Zoolander (2001) and The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (2007), and he provided his voice for the Rugrats movie (1998).


Lenny Kravitz

Personal Life

Kravitz’s parents went through a divorce back in 1985, and this impacted him profoundly. Eventually his relationship with his father became strained. During this period, he focused on making music. That same year he also met Lisa Bonet, who was an actress. The two met at a New Edition concert. Kravitz and Bonet maintained a friendship for two years, and then they fell in love. The two ended up getting married in 1987, and they had a daughter together, Zoe Kravitz, who was born in 1988. However, Kravitz and Bonet ended up divorcing later on.

Eventually Kravitzt was linked to Adriana Lima. The two were dating in 2001, and then Kravitz and the model got engaged in 2002. The engagement was called off less than a year later of it being announced.

As for religion, Kravitz describes himself as a Christian, but in a religious sense. He also says that he is also a Jew, as it is all the same to him. Kravitz also stated during an interview that he is half Jewish and half black. Kravitz has a tattoo on his back, and the tattoo says that his heart belongs to Jesus Christ.


Lenny Kravitz has won a number of awards throughout the span of his career. In 1993 he won an MTV Music Award for Best Male Video, which was for Are You Gonna Go My Way. A year later he also won a Brit Award for International male.

Kravitz also won The Most Fashionable Artist and Male Award at the 1998 VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards. Kravitz has taken home four Grammy Awards, with one being in 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002. Kravitz was nominated for four Grammy Awards.

In 2001 Kravitz won an award at three different award shows, which included the Radio Music Awards, the My VH1 Awards and the Blockbuster Entertainment Awards.

Kravitz won two awards in 2002, which included the Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist award at the American Music Awards, as well as the Microsoft Windows Media Innovation award at the Microsoft Windows Media Innovation Awards.

As you can see, Lenny Kravitz is one of the most renown artist of his time, and throughout the years he has still been able to make music for people all around the world to enjoy.

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