The New York City and the different types of clubs it is surrounded by like dance club, cocktail lounges, jazz bars and sports club. There is fewer sports club in the New York City. But the number one ranked American sports bar for the year 2010/2011 is Jay z club or 40 Club NYC. The club has especially opened its doors for the people to provide them entertainment and an amazing gaming experience. With huge plasma TVs and multiple private lounges, the 40 Club NYC gives out a sports bar/lounge vibe. The exclusive décor and high ceilings complement the luxurious club themed in caramel brown and gold color.

The 40 Club NYC is a lavish sports bar offering you crazy fun under one roof. The interior furniture is luxurious, and the sitting area is designed like a box styled cabins. The amazing bottle services and packages of the 40 Club NYC make it top sports bar throughout NYC. The bottle menu includes rum, whiskey, champagne, alcohol, beer, liquor, frozen cocktails, rum, vodka and much more. The special packages of 40 Club NYC are reasonable. These packages include engagement, wedding, graduation, birthday and many other packages that make your life moments unforgettable.

Moreover, it becomes easier to dress up for the parry if the dress code is already specified. Well, the Marquee Club like most of the clubs has also determined a dress code and the Marquee New York dress code is no different than the other clubs. The Marquee New York dress code recommended is upscale and trendy. The boys are advised to wear collared shirts with fitted dark denim or pants paired with stylish shoes. And ladies, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress and high heels. And the Marquee New York dress code doesn’t let anyone step in wearing ripped or torn clothing, t-shirts, shorts, baseball or any caps or athletic attire. Untidy and unclean footwear is strictly not allowed to wear at the club. Well, the doorman has the final discretion, and they strictly enforce the dress code.

So do the best you can to adhere to the dress code recommended by the Marquee club. Open the closet and choose the dress that best fits the need of the night. Because you got the power and you are the one in control of the night and the look up you wear.

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