As the New York City is known to be home to party freaks and the city that never sleeps. Well, the nightlife of the New York City is full of glamor, charm, and thrill. The streets of NYC are always lighted up and the doors of the hottest clubs, bars and lounges are opened to the public so that all the club goers can enjoy every night of their lives till they’re young. Among all the partying spots, The Katra Lounge and The Taj lounge are the best places to step in if you want to enjoy a lounge in experience.

Well, the Katra Lounge New York is a place that fills you with a sense of relaxation and relief. The furnished décor and the lavish sittings allow you to stress the night out and begin a new day at work full of passion and energy. Inspired by the Moroccan culture, Katra Lounge New York is a Moroccan themed lounge with vast dance floors, multiple private rooms and the best services and ambiance. This duplex lounge offers you pillow filled banquet, flavorful smoke able hookah and occasional belly dancing. The signature menu of the lounge offers one of a kind cocktails like Moroccan Mojito and Tangier Safi to satisfy your thirst. So, welcome your friends at the Katra Lounge New York because this is a place that they will never forget.

In addition to this, Taj Lounge New York is the perfect destination in the city with everything that best fits your desires of the night. With Indian inspired décor, Taj Lounge New York is a bi-level cocktail lounge and a famous special event space. The food menu of the place add a creative edge to your exquisite Indian cuisine and let you enjoy the best dining experience like no other at the Taj Lounge New York. The drinks menu lets you enjoy a wide variety of eclectic and exclusive wines alongside a wide range of beers, ciders, and spirits from all around the world. The ample dance space and the beats of the music keep you moving and dancing all night long. As you sip the cocktail and put your drinks, step on the dance floor and groove to the beats, your heart feels lighter, and you feel like a bird through the night. So, enjoy the best time of your life at the best places in NYC.


The New York City and the different types of clubs it is surrounded by like dance club, cocktail lounges, jazz bars and sports club. There is fewer sports club in the New York City. But the number one ranked American sports bar for the year 2010/2011 is Jay z club or 40 Club NYC. The club has especially opened its doors for the people to provide them entertainment and an amazing gaming experience. With huge plasma TVs and multiple private lounges, the 40 Club NYC gives out a sports bar/lounge vibe. The exclusive décor and high ceilings complement the luxurious club themed in caramel brown and gold color.

The 40 Club NYC is a lavish sports bar offering you crazy fun under one roof. The interior furniture is luxurious, and the sitting area is designed like a box styled cabins. The amazing bottle services and packages of the 40 Club NYC make it top sports bar throughout NYC. The bottle menu includes rum, whiskey, champagne, alcohol, beer, liquor, frozen cocktails, rum, vodka and much more. The special packages of 40 Club NYC are reasonable. These packages include engagement, wedding, graduation, birthday and many other packages that make your life moments unforgettable.

Moreover, it becomes easier to dress up for the parry if the dress code is already specified. Well, the Marquee Club like most of the clubs has also determined a dress code and the Marquee New York dress code is no different than the other clubs. The Marquee New York dress code recommended is upscale and trendy. The boys are advised to wear collared shirts with fitted dark denim or pants paired with stylish shoes. And ladies, you can’t go wrong with a little black dress and high heels. And the Marquee New York dress code doesn’t let anyone step in wearing ripped or torn clothing, t-shirts, shorts, baseball or any caps or athletic attire. Untidy and unclean footwear is strictly not allowed to wear at the club. Well, the doorman has the final discretion, and they strictly enforce the dress code.

So do the best you can to adhere to the dress code recommended by the Marquee club. Open the closet and choose the dress that best fits the need of the night. Because you got the power and you are the one in control of the night and the look up you wear.


The New York City popularly known as the city of Nightlife is famous for its parties that are arranged at the night clubs. The night clubs are very stylish that attracts the young boys and girls who love to party. Even if you are stressed out and had a working weekend and want to hang up with your friend, then there is no other place better than NYC clubs.

The NYC nightclubs hip hop is amazing because the clubs play the loud hip hop, rock and pop music. The world’s talented DJ’s and musicians play the liveliest and loud musical beats that cheer up the crowd of the parties. The up and down beats of the music let the people go crazy with the beats of the music. The DJ’s playlist is up to date with the collection of latest songs. The musicians are expertise that plays the musical instruments skillfully and artistically. The DJ has a collection of new songs of the rest times. The collection is usually of hip hop, pop and rock music. All these musical types are a way to rock at the party. Latest remixes from early 90’s are played at the NYC night clubs hip hop that lit up the dancing night.

The famous York parties emphasize on the dance and drinks. Special dance performances are organized at the York parties to entertain the crowd. Famous and talented dancers perform on the latest song beats. The dancers wearing fancy and elegant dresses show off their skills of dancing at the parties. The NYC night clubs hip hop features the professional who performs belly dance, strip dance, and salsa dance. Other than this York parties are always stunning because of the bottle menu served at the NYC night clubs hip hop. The club offers the most exciting and flavorful drinks. The menu includes cognac, rum, wine, whiskey, beer, tequila, cocktails, juices, lemonade, liquor, alcohol and much more. All these drinks make you energized as you sip up the drink of your choice.

Gather at the elegant York parties with your friends and had an incredible night out experience. These York parties are amazing that will boost up your energy level. Enter NYC night clubs hip hop for an amazing night life experience. Dance on the hip hop beats of the music and let yourself shake your booties. Be a part of amazing dance parties of New York.


Welcome to New York, a city righteously popular for its night life. The city of New York is a city that never sleeps and loves to parties. The party continues till the sun rises. The crowd of New York City dance parties makes the night life of NYC wonderful.

A lot of events and parties are arranged at the dance clubs New York City. A lot of events like Christmas, Independence Day, Halloween parties, and masquerade parties, and more other events and parties are celebrated in the dance clubs New York City. NYE 2018 NYC is the much awaited and mega event of New York City that is celebrated in the dance clubs of New York.

The dance clubs New York organizes the biggest and hottest parties in the big event of NYE 2018 NYE. People make New Year resolutions while gathered under the roof of dance clubs New York City. The clubs provide the best services on NYE 2018 NYC. The club offers the most delicious brunches, appetizers, and brunches. The clubs have a unique variety of bottles like liquor, alcohol, rums, whiskey, wines, champagne, cognac, cocktails, flavorful juices, beers, lemonade, vodka and creamy shakes. All of these drinks give you energy, and one can release a burst of energy in the atmosphere. Enjoy the sandwiches, starters along with your favorite drink. Sip up the drink and have a bite of the tasteful and delicious starters. As the clock strikes 12 a lot of fireworks are brightened in the sky.

The dance clubs New York City have an arrangement of dance parties to make NYE 208 NYC more glamorous. The dance parties are amazing and fabulous. The dancers are extremely talented and lit up the atmosphere by their professional dancing skills. The dancers wear fancy and beautiful dresses that make their performances even more fantastic. As they perform on the stage, their dance moves let everyone enjoy the feel of the dance. The dance floors are furnished and smooth. The dance clubs New York City are stylish and fully decorated according to the NYE 2018 NYC theme. Well maintained clubs and furnished artistry walls give a touch of elegance to the club. The club features the most talented DJ’s and musicians that play the loud music and hip hop beats.

Welcome the NYE 2018 NYC by gathering at the unique dance clubs New York City. Enjoy your evening with best services and arrangements and make colorful and unforgettable memories.


Clubbing is one of most popular activity among the people of New York City. The people of New York love to party, therefore, a lot of partying clubs are opened throughout the city of New York of for the entertainment purpose. The clubs, lounges, and bars of New York City welcomes a lot of people and ensures to give them a wonderful night life experience.

Like New York, City has five famous boroughs. The most popular boroughs of New York is Manhattan. Manhattan is also known as the heart of New York City. The city is well known for the night clubs in Manhattan. The nightclubs in Manhattan have everything to complete your clubbing experience. The night clubs in Manhattan are well maintained, furnished and beautifully decorated. Explore the night life of Manhattan by being present at the stylish clubs of Manhattan.

There are Rooftop as well as underground or basement night clubs in Manhattan. One can choose where to party in Manhattan according to the weather and season. As the summer season arrives the rooftop night club in Manhattan is crowded with the people of New York. Chilling and refreshing drinks are served at the rooftop night clubs in Manhattan as its hot season. The bottle menu of rooftop clubs includes frozen cocktails, flavorful juices, refreshing drinks, lemonade, creamy shakes along with liquor likes wine, champagne, cognac, rum, vodka, tequila, alcohol, and whiskey. Moreover, the underground night clubs in Manhattan are also packed with party lovers in the warm season.

Enjoy the best dance parties at the night clubs in Manhattan. The clubs offer the most stunning dance parties as the club features the most talented dancers. The dancers are professionals and know how to lit up the atmosphere by their dance moves. The dancers usually perform belling dance, strip dance, salsa dance and Spanish dance. Their dancing skills are remarkable. The beautiful twists and twirls performed by the dancers on the ample dance floors make the night clubs in Manhattan a place full of excitement and joy. The cheerful crowd and the laughter of the people let everyone feel relaxed.

Experience the most exciting and elegant dance parties of Manhattan by being present at the unique night clubs in Manhattan. Have a wonderful night by dancing to the beats of rock, pop and hip hop music. Get yourself surrounded by the fantastic crowd.